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Gloria is the artistic nickname of Galina Ivanova Peneva. She was born in Rouse on 28th of July 1973. She was an emotional and very naughty child, always preferring to play with boys, rather than with girls. Gloria was in 6th grade when her parents divorced and she and her brother moved to the town of Dve Mogili, where their grandparents took care of them. Gloria graduated from the Agricultural Technical School there. She was only 17 when started singing in Izvor Orchestra.

The musicians from the orchestra first found her talent at the wedding celebration of Gloria’s cousin Dido, where she sang for the young married couple the Lepa Brena’s hit `4 Godine`. The musicians were immediately amazed by the girl’s velvet voice and stage appearance, and offered her to join their orchestra as a second vocal. She and Stefka Miteva (today the singer Stefany) easy started working together, sang in two voices and quickly made of Izvor the most preferred orchestra in Rouse and the surroundings. Moreover, they made a successful tour in Serbia in 1991. After two years the orchestra fell apart and all the members followed their own carrier. In 1993 Gloria became a variety singer and became engaged in the best variety-bars and nightclubs in the country. Her repertoire consisted of the songs of Maria Keri, Whitney Huston, Madonna, Kylie Minogue and other famous singers. `It was a wonderful period of my life, Gloria says, but extremely exhausting, every month I was in different town, I was bored from singing somebody else’s songs, I wanted to produce my own ones.`

Thus the idea for her own album was born and Gloria bravely followed her heart. She invested all the money she had earned in making her own album and recorded her first songs in Maxim Goranov’s Studio. This album was the first of its kind and very much differing from the popular at the time style of Mustafa Chaushev and Kristal orchestra. At that time Gloria met her future producers Maria and Mitko Dimitrovi – the owners of Payner Studio. `That moment started all my successes. I produced my first album `Shtastieto e magia` (Happiness is magic) and it happened to be one of the most successful on the Bulgarian musical market. The sold numbers of copies overpassed all my anticipations, as well as those of my publishers and producers`. This album was released in November 1994. It was the starting point of this glorious way the singer took, and she was only 20 then. A year before her first CD Gloria had met her future husband Ilia Zagorov. He is composer of some of Gloria’s biggest hits: `Nostalgia`, `100% zhena`(100% woman), `Sbogom adios`(Good bye adios), `Ne ostariavai mamo`(Don’t get older, mother), `Tsigansko sartse`(Gypsy heart), and many others.

In 1995 was released Gloria’s first videotape. Of all the songs from the album `Shtastieto e magia` were shot video clips. Scriptwriter, producer, and arranger of the video clips was Nedelcho Yordanov. During the years Gloria’s videos become more and more professional and modern. Some of the most attractive ones were those for the songs `Ilusia`(Ilusion), `Ako biah se rodila reka` (If I was born a river), `Zhenite sa tsvetia` (Women are flowers), `Umorih se ot teb` (I am bored from you), `Zlatna kletka` (Golden cage)`100% zhena` (100% woman), `Krepost`(Fortress), etc.

At this time Gloria became really keen on producing. It became her next goal, she is now thinking of studding for a producer. It is a fact that in the greater part of her video clips she has participated as a scriptwriter and assistant producer.

The beginning of 2002 Gloria spent in Chicago. She came back on 15th of March. Two days before her arrival a concert on the occasion of the birthday of `Nov Folk` magazine had been held. Gloria was given three awards there: for Album of the Year, for Best Accomplishments, and for Original Media Presence.

With her returning from Chicago Gloria’s fans saw her in her new image. She started working over the videos of the songs from her last album `Iliuzia`(Illusion). The first one is `Liuboven dazhd` (Love rain), which totally differed from everything Gloria had done so far and was well liked by the public. In May, the same year, Gloria made a great success in Spain. The first Bulgarian pop-folk concert was in Alcada city on 19th of May. Tele Madrid had been advertising the event, and on 21st of May broadcast a report from the concert and an interview with Gloria.

In October 2002, at the International Plovdiv Fair, M-tel awarded the most famous voices of Bulgaria. Along with the prima of the Bulgarian music – Lili Ivanova and the popular TV man 2002 Nicki Kanchev Gloria was one of the voices of Bulgaria.

Although she did not release an album in 2002, it was a successful year for Gloria. She made a great number of tours in the country and abroad, and had success everywhere. The following years Gloria career has been blooming. In 2003 the album `Krepost` (Fortress) was released on CD and DVD. In 2004 on occasion of making 10 years on the music stage Gloria compiled all her best songs in a double album. After ten years singing career she still attracts her fans and, of course, wins new ones with her irresistible voice, perfect appearance and charm.

Web sites: Fansite of Gloria Fansite of Gloria

Gloria - 12 diamanta 12 diamanta
Payner Music   

Gloria - Blagodaria Blagodaria
Payner Music   

Gloria - Gloria 10 years - 2CD Gloria 10 years - 2CD
Payner Music   

Gloria - Ilusiya Ilusiya
Payner Music   

Gloria - Krepost Krepost
Payner Music   

Gloria - Krepost - Live DVD Krepost - Live DVD
Payner Music   

Gloria - Nostalgia Nostalgia
Payner Music   

Gloria - Stoprotsentova jena Stoprotsentova jena
Payner Music   

Gloria - The Best Video 01 The Best Video 01
Payner Music   

Gloria - Vliubena v jivota Vliubena v jivota
Payner Music   

Gloria - Za dobro ili zlo Za dobro ili zlo
Payner Music   

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